Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hinakah kami?

This morning. I had school programme (English In Camp) at school. While we were busy with pupils for registration,there was this parent asked us about Science Camp which her son is involved. One of the teachers said that the camp has been postponed to a later date. Suddenly,this parent scolded us said that we teachers always like to do this.Meaning postponed the programme without informing the pupils. Siap kutuk2 sekolah lagi tuh. Padahal,the teacher in charge of that prog had told the pupils involved about the postponing of the prog.Parent tuh dok serang kami nih mcm kami ni org bawahan dia jer..No manner at all! Sakit hati betul tgk parent mcm tuh.Tak boleh ke cakap elok2,lemah lembut?I think her son was the one did not listen,maybe he was playing at the back when the teacher told about the programme. Hello, Pn, if you don't like the school,change your son to other school la! After one of the teachers explained to that parent, she scolded her son :

Arrogant mom : If you do like this again, I will kill you!

Yes! She said that in front of us! Yang sedihnye,she's a Malay.Rasanye bile balik rumah sure kene belasah anak dia tuh.And according to some of my colleague,her son always bring trouble to the class.

Napa some of the parents so ego?Sesuka hati nak datang sekolah serang cikgu2,cakap itu,cakap ini.Hinakah kami ini?Padahal kami ni yang mengajar anak2 diorang?Jentik sikit je,parents datang serang.Mungkin kami ni not so highly educated like them?Maybe gaji kami nih x setinggi mereka?Kalau anak x pandai pun marah kami x pandai mengajar..Di manakah kedudukan kami di mata mereka?

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