Monday, April 6, 2009


How do you feel when somebody appointed you as a leader WITHOUT informing you and you only know about it from sombody else??Do you feel that it is UNPROPER to do that?What kind of person is that?So UNPROFESSIONAL!


  1. If I was appointed and never knew about it, I will definitely turn that down. With all the fierce I have. huu.. Tak hingin aku nak jadi leader kalo aku wasn't there at the first place. Bole blah! Fight for urself Tun!! hehe. Aku agak emo. ahaks.

  2. memang aku agak emo biler tau pasal bende ni..dan aku akan fight kalau big bos x nk dgr nk buat mcm ne ek?huhuhu...hangin la..