Thursday, June 11, 2009


Bukan jam and bread but traffic jam :) Last week we went to my best friend's wedding at Rembau,N9.On the way there,there was a massive traffic jam.There weren't any accidents or what but the cars on the road were toooooo many.Kat Sg Besi apatah lagi.The heavy traffic jam started from Nilai to Seremban.Maybe they wanted to go to kenduri kawin jgk kot :D But,what made me bengang was some of the drivers were very bengong.Dah tau jam,lagi nak lalu kat emergency lane.Napa la Malaysian drivers (some) tak disiplin??Orang lain pun nak cepat jugak kan..

Banyakkan kereta?Notice few drivers that used the emergency lane..Apa daa!

My best friend masa sekolah dulu.


  1. fuyoo..mama rock dh jd mama ustazah la. hehehhe

  2. purpose to cover during BF :D