Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hannah @ 13 months

Alamak...lupa nak buat entry Hannah at 13months. Dek sibuk+internet tak memberangsangkan di skul ni. Kat bawah nih adalah pencapaian Hannah bila dah mencapai 13 bulan :

Standing and walking
At 13 months, about three-quarters of toddlers are walking on their own -- albeit unsteadily. If yours still hasn't stopped using furniture or other objects to support herself, it just means that walking on her own is going to take a little longer. Some children don't walk until 17 or 18 months, or even later. But whether cruising around the room, holding onto furniture, or toddling, the important thing for her is that she is moving on her own; she no longer has to wait to be lifted and carried or pushed, and the world is opening up

Alhamdulillah,Hannah dah boleh berjalan..still dalam timeframe.Sekarang dah nak memanjat pulak..

Exploring and discovering
With her new walking legs, your child can roam where her growing curiosity takes her -- examining the cat up close, and then suddenly backing away if it frightens her. This is a great achievement.

Sebelum ada gate,fave place adalah di dapur.Sekarang,suka masuk bilik,menyepahkanmengemas barang-barang di dalam bilik.

Grasps and manipulates objects As she gets better at using her legs, she's also getting more skilled using her hands Most 13-month-olds are able to grab a block and drop it into a container; some are already able to scribble. She might be able to grip a spoon, but don't expect her to be using it with consistent success yet.

Barang-barang dia dah boleh pegang,pegang pinggan kaca pun selamba jer..saspen jer.Tapi,Hannah belum boleh scribble lagi,tak pe..slow slow...

Grows more slowly and eats less
Don't be surprised when your formerly super-hungry baby starts to eat less. Between birth and their first birthdays, babies typically triple in weight and add 25 cm/10 in to their height. But between her first and second birthdays, your child's growth rate will slow considerably, and she'll start to lose her baby fat. Expect the amount she eats every day, as well as her food likes and dislikes, to vary.

Memang sangat! Makan sikit,tapi suka sangat main :)

Communicates and understands
She's got the hang of using "dada," "mama," plus a few other recognisable words. Without much vocabulary, she's worked out how to make her desires known. When she wants to get down, she'll point down; when she wants your attention, she'll tug your shirt. She's also understanding wordsa good percentage of the simple language you use around her every day.

Yup! When she does something that I dont like,macam,tarik-tarik barang ke,bile saya cakap "Amboi!" (tapi bukan dengan nada marah) dia paham,kita marah dia..dan mula lah nangis.Bila nangis,sebut lah "ayah" Chaits! :D
Lives mostly in the here and now
Your toddler's play mostly involves experimentation, like "What happens if I drop the plastic cup?" or "What happens if I rub my fingers in the gravy?" She likes to watch what happens after she does something, and because her memory isn't well developed she is not bored by repetition.

Betullah! Sekarang stage dia meniru perbuatan orang..Kalau kita solat,dia akan buat gaya solat.Kalau kita ketuk ketuk,dia pun akan ikut.

So far flow development Hannah tak lambat sangat,tak cepat sangat,just nice. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. Alalalalala.. Bestnye dah leh jalan, pandai solat bagai.. Cepat la Ayra oi, mommy nak kurus cam aunty Tun nie. Wahahahaha

  2. harharhar...berat aku sekarang dah naik jugak la beb :D saiz M tuh dah tak de longgar2 mcm dulu dah..huhuhuhu